Take some time to drop a line…. THANK YOU!

(THIS IS C’s Friend. C wants all his friends and fans out here to take some time and drop him a line when you have some spare time. Thank you)

Blessings to anyone that may find their selves reading this, I am currently on an unfortunate journey of incarceration in which my sole purpose is to remain healthy in every aspect of my being until I am liberated(FREE). For the mean time I focus on my intellect & soul God 1st & mind over all matters.
My sole purpose for this ad is to reconcile with family & friends as well as invite one whom may want to know who I am as an individual & all I ask is that you be sound minded and an individual with character & ethics founded upon morals & principles, Be Real by being you and straight forward cause after the end of all its all that one has without further delay you can contact me via: JPAY Lawrence Hooker #455534 or
Lawrence Hooker #455534
Louisiana state prison Camp D Angola, La. 70712


c friend