Address to write Corey Miller “c-murder”

Take some time out of your day to say whats up to C-Miller… Here is his address to write. I appreciate all of you out here supporting TRU and C-Murder. Thank you for your continued support. Keep it FOREVERTRU. @iamcmurder (C-Murder’s NEW ADDRESS) to write #556633 louisiana state prison “Camp D Angola”, La. 70712 New Orleans

50 comments on “Address to write Corey Miller “c-murder”

  1. May God be with you and your family..I will keep you in my prayers..Stay strong and keep your head up. To me you are not guilty no matter what the media or people say.

  2. Good luck with ur appeal..I will send money this week. Ur bro came to level 2 recently but I could not really talk to him because I am not a fan but I respect ur feelings and desire to be free. I will raise money up for u. Have a good day… from ur bartender in Memphis

  3. Mr. Corey may God bless you and your family i have much respect 4 u because only real man speak on what u say in your verses always stay tru to yourself and dnt stress ova what others say its there opinion


  5. I’ve been a fan since day one I followed the whole no limit movement I respect the new movement tru all I want to say is keep your head up I miss that real music its still for ever tru your music really got me through some ruff times and motavated me inspired me but they cant hold a Tru nigga down Im listening to that Ricochet p m a t n yeah hold ya head god bless Im praying for ya C not guilty and bless yo family thru this also peace

  6. Free Corey God Got You Covered In His Bleed They Cant Hold Up Down For Long Stay up baby love ya !
    #Free C-Murder

  7. I’m here for ya bra! Been a fan since before you were mainstream! Keep ya head up and stay strong! They can’t hold a good brother down! I’m gonna shoot you some mail soon bra! Be easy!

  8. Just so you know you are still relevant in the communities, the young folk know you. Down for my N—– is a classic and in 2014 everybody knows the song says the words and ride out to the song. John 16:33 ( Jesus is speaking), In the world, you will have tribulations ( problems) be of good cheer I have overcome the world.

  9. Realshit this GatorBlack from the 210 Ea$t $ide SAN ANTONIO TX Denver Heights showing respect and love fa C-Murder and still saying R I P
    Soulja Slim……Im praying for you just like i prayed for boosie to get out GOD gone break down the prisons that hold so many realshit C-Murder gone be free in this Life and then next for get the devil he can’t save shit Jesus Christ is coming back….realshit GOD plz set C-Murder free and show him you can do any and everything man can and cant do…..FREEE c-murder in Jesus Christ name i pray Amen…

  10. C has always bn my fav… Pep dont realize wat he was … His socalled bro left him hangin.. An tha real man still made hitts … Ugggh. C M 4 life ..tha bay area kno wats real

  11. C murder. Going though hell right now. Life most i ever did was three years just think about the chance to possibly never coming home. I wrote him and told him i ain’t no fan. But someone who respects your music. The hole tru…. Got a letter back from him much respect. Keep your head up big homie. And keep spitting that gangsta shit. Free c murder… And bump that boosie. Killing them right now.

  12. been liking you since I was very young I can the same way when I had my father in my life and I hope you is free today
    and I want to say your music is hard a lot of peopl went through what you went through and homeboy is hard

  13. OMG i hope the TRUIEST rapper gets out soon because i am so tired of all these watered down unseasoned fake ass rappers… I rememeber twisting up a phat ass blunt and throwing that TRU in the Deck and i could ride all day to that real shit!!!! FREE C-MURDER!!!!

  14. My boy Waylrn is in Maricopa. Your music getting us and family through hard times. I hope u see this as an opportunity to meet parole . I just got out on that hopefully they see how good u emit on people

  15. I just wanna say keep ya head up C i know u dont know me but im of ya biggest fans i wish i can meet u doe ya music go hard i feel u aint gulty they just wanna see u down..

  16. I’m a TRU fan till death bruh….. Hope you c the streets soon and the world is waiting on another book homies…Death around the corner was a classic!!!! Stay up

  17. Just wanna say I love you. You inspire me and listening to your music makes my day. I got aint no heaven in the pen on repeat. You’ve always kept it real. RIP Soulja Slim. You’re a legend. Stay strong. We love you. TRU fan #always Free C!

  18. My bratha keep God first. You and the fam are in my prayers much love . Can’t wait to see ya on this side one love my brayha. TRU

  19. Keep it ya head up C, you was always a real tru stand up guy. You and Slim was da realist outta NO yall gave it to em raw and got it how you live much love and respect and mad props. Stay prayed up and all your fam, represent for them Miller Boyz!

  20. What’s up with cha u cuzin keep ur head up iam praying for u/ur family can’t wait when ur free bro we all miss your music just wanna know can u / guccie man Kevin gates make any music together

  21. I’ll be praying for your release, keep your head up, remember that God got you….. Take care of yourself and know that I love you but God loves you even more. Katherine

  22. I don’t know you personally. However as a convicted felon I found it easy to relate.. Im 31 years old .I remember riding to your cuts when I was 15. Hell I played you yesterday.. I even caught slim verse in Dear Mr President.. I wish you inner peace. Stay strong!!!!

  23. Wow, God is able. God has forgiven you. I hope that Thomas’s family has also. Everyone has lost in this matter. I wish you all the best, Stay strong my brother.

  24. Who I am you communication speakers the president of citizen enforcement officers I am engaged in on involving State Commission On Judicial conduct on C-Murder case and I can’t even get his family to reply I have his release form but I’m down to two things that the system is trying to hide from him and his family have them by heart in their heads and that is the judge name and the address of the court system

  25. Hope u get out C Miller, I listen to you and your brothers music all day every day out here in California. Nothing more TRU. Definitely coping that penitentiary chance’s. Much love and support hope to see you in concerts again I have faith. Peace

  26. C murder ur so dope man love all ur music speaking of that love ur new album listening to your new one its dope man won’t stop listening to c murder.

  27. big respect to corey from europe..i llistening to your music since 15years old….now im 38……..for me your are an idol…because you truetrutrue..all the things you do…sending you tru prayers and power!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!thinking about coming to visit i wanna talk to the man i listening the hole life hes musik and got all hes matter the way il take to make it possible..plz log back on mail

  28. Can u write c-murder is he currently accepted letter write now i drop him a few lines on jpay.keep your head u c im praying for u free c

  29. My brother C it’s been a long time since I met you in DC at our show in 2001. I hate that your freedom had to be taken but I do believe you will see freedom again. Hip Hop is a disaster now and I know you would still put it down for the tru craft. Really your not missing anything so rest assured the real hip hop heads respect and still listen to you.I know the history of Angola so keep safe and learn extensively to raise your mindset among the bad energy. Stay strong being behind thise walls will one day in keep fighting. Forever you are family from your brother Kujjo.

  30. Dear c just check on you bro I am one of your biggest fan it krayzie that Got u lock down for a crime you don’t you even Got proof when other do crime know that Good Doin it just hope you Get revive from ova this Madden if ask me if you need to be released with no papers or no parole just released my bros you and mac from another Mother that used ur name against you this shit just wow in my eyes keep the faith my nigga I be watch ur updates what p n silkk be up on YouTube write me when a chance to … your biggest fan Raymond free c miller

  31. Thanks five grew up to this mans music and what a one of a kind he has always been and will both the miller brother are true inspiration to some one like who ain’t had no one to give a shit weather I make it or i roll over and make way for the next man to strip over me and keep it pushing only I look out for me and watching the fact that both miller silk and off them went in and did whtbthey dreamed but for c murder they fucked justice system snatched him always cause his talent was dangerous to the white man agenda and he knows it he held the power to speak and take every one attention and have them all white black young old Mexican Latino Asian big small in between he spoke to the masses you feel me this is unreal that with the following of this mans family u think if his fans stood up and said enough is enough yall ain’t gonna for shit for him to ever correct what is wrong but if we stood up and demanded him to be home how could they stop us well lite of us and then them

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